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Guidelines for Authors of Publications in “Elastomery” Journal

Scientific-technical „ELASTOMERY” journal publishes – in Polish and English – the results of original research, science and technology, review articles and messages from the fields of chemistry, polymers, elastomers/rubber, rubber technology and processing, modeling, process engineering, raw materials and additives used in the rubber technology as well environmental protection, waste management, new methods and techniques, production facilities, etc.

Authors are asked to prepare the papers according to the instructions in this Guideline and send to us Author’s Statement and a short biographical note with photo of the main Author.
Author’s Statement (download).


  1. Authors submitting a paper to print the same state that the work is original, has not been and will not be as published in the same form in another journal, and it has been prepared in accordance with the principles of scientific integrity and ethics, with the exception of „ghostwritting” and „guest authorship”.
  2. At the moment of sending the paper to the editorial office, the copyrights are transferred to the Editor’s Office which has an exclusive rights for make use of the work, multiply it with any technique and publish in such way so that everyone could access it in a place and time at their convenience. Without prior consent of the Publisher the paper cannot be in reproduced or translated.
  3. Authors are requested to provide their full names and surnames, affiliation together with address, telephone number and e-mail contact. In the case of a common work a corresponding author should be proposed and his name highlighted.
  4. If submitted paper contains illustrations or other copyrighted materials, Authors are obliged for earlier getting from the first Publisher the written permission for using them and for carrying costs associated with it, as well as making reference to the original source of material included for the publication.
  5. Submitted papers will be reviewed by a specialist nominated by the Editorial Committee. Authors are expected to answer to an opinion of the reviewer within two weeks. Not notifying the Editor’s Office about difficulties in keeping the term is considered as resignation from publication.
  6. Authors are requested to make a proof-reading and sending back the proofs within one week. Substantial standard of a paper is an authors’ responsibility.
  7. The Editor is responsible for style and grammar of the paper, reserving for himself the right to apply some necessary abbreviations and minor corrections do not influencing its content.
  8. Short summary (approximately 100 words) and key words must be attached to the manuscript.
  9. The papers in the „ELASTOMERY” journal are printed in black and white version, color printing payable.


  1. The total size of the manuscript including Tables, Graphs and Figures should not exceed 15 of standard A4 pages (30 lines of 60 printing signs), Arial or Times New Roman font, of size 11 or 12 points.
  2. Tables and Figures containing numbers and titles (for table – above and for Grafts and Figures – below) can be placed in the text or attached as separate files. Then their position and titles should be marked in the text of the paper.
  3. Photos, drawings or graphs should be named Figures and given successive numbers. They may be provided as jpg, tiff or bmp files or in a form suitable for scanning.

    Curves should be numbered. Any descriptions should be written using a Arial or Times New Roman font of 10 pts.
  4. Mathematical equations should be written using the Equation Editor and placed in the text, starting from new line and numbered (by Arabic number).
  5. Chemical formulas and equations should be written using a bold letters of 10 pts high.
  6. Authors are kindly requested to avoid using abbreviations directly preceding numbers and to apply chemical nomenclature and terminology according to IUPAC.
  7. Application of Greek letters requires to notify on a margin of the paper, e.g. α = alpha.
  8. Literature cited should be given in a sequence of referring to in the paper in the following way:
    • for papers: surname of the author, initials (common works require mentioning all the authors), official abbreviation of the journal (italic font), year, volume number (bold), pages;
    • for books: surname of the author, initials (common works require mentioning all the authors), full title (italic font), editor, place and year of publication, pages;
    • for patents: country of origin, number, year.

Papers should be prepared in a draft electronic version and should be sent to „ELASTOMERY” Editor’s Office to u.pawlowska@impib.pl or u.pawlowska@ipgum.pl


Author will obtain one free original copy of the „ELASTOMERY” Journal and publication in the electronic version in PDF format (by e-mail). In the case of the team the Authors will receive free maximum of 2 copies of journal. A larger number of copies is paid (20 Euro/1 copy).


Papers are published in the printed form for free. From 2016 the „ELASTOMERY” journal will publish (on web sites: Elastomery.pl and in the BazTech base) articles in the electronic form on the Open Access basis. The publication on-line is voluntary and free.

The Editor thanks in advance for respecting the Guidelines for Authors